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    Being a self taught musician, and growing up on a staple music diet of hard rock and guitar driven music, I am one of the many who didn’t read and write “staff notation”.

    Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that musicians like myself don’t know about music theory.

    We sure do. From scales and modes, to chordal knowledge , to time signatures. But all of this is in my case, was in a very “Guitar Tablature” or “Notes” sort of a way.

    Which was fine, cause most of the times, we work with softwares where programming a tune is pretty flexible and we work with musicians who are also very adept at “hearing” the part , and then performing it, on the tune.

    PianoBut all of this changed for me when I did my first full length feature score, and my Director and I decided to go pretty much the traditional orchestral route for the most part.

    Given the genre, I was sure that I was going to get a section to play the string parts : Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Bass.

    And as large a section as I could afford, who does music to make money…right?!!

    And with a little bit of learning on how to get a pretty accurate music sheet from the software, I was set. Continue reading

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