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    A trip to Goa, regardless of the season, means one thing for sure….. weight gain! No Kiddin’!

    Most of the food is good, as long as you stick with the local or fusion dishes. The booze is deliciously priced, and the beautiful weather that we were lucky to run into just tops it all into a great vacation. So  yeah, bumming on the beach while you eat and drink and snooze and sleep, what would you expect… not a six pack!! Right?

    Even the drive out of Mumbai is something that I enjoy. It gets meditative beyond a point.



    Everyone in the cabin is asleep, its the music and the beautiful Indian outlands, made more captivating by the monsoon clouds, that you have for company. The drive out of Mumbai is always better though,than the drive back. Not just for the fact that the vacation is starting out, but if you leave at an unearthly hour like we do, say 4 am, then you’re past the Mumbai rush as well as the Pune traffic before the working class gets on with it, and post Satara, its a pleasant drive with the expressway and village roads through the ghats, which look like a picture straight out of a fairy tale, with clouds hanging around the roads and waterfalls and the foliage thick and green.

    And then there’s something chilled out about the vibe, so chilled out that even returning a text message takes some procrastination, the stove is best left on sim, and the period for which one can park ones behind without doing anything remotely useful, is constantly getting longer.


    And so coming back to culinary bit on the best that there is, I would recommend the new place “FishKa” at Betalbatim (our new favourite), and Cavatina outside of Benaulim. Dropadi, at Palolem was a great place too.

    Right on the beach, pretty decent food which tastes different from the rest, and in a good way.  The regulars, Suza Lobo (Calangute) and Brittos (Baga) didn’t disappoint either, but Martins (Betalbatim) did disappoint. Though the long ques of folks waiting to get in on a Friday night didnt seem to agree with my opinion! You can look all of them up at Tripadvisor.



    Thats that, and now back to scoring for a commercial for Nestle.

    Life is beautiful, from one vacation to a permanent vacation.

    As they would say in Goa, ” Dev Borem Korum” – God Bless You.


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