Vipin Mishra is a National Award winning composer based in Mumbai.


A versatile music producer, his body of work reflects the ease with which he can move from one genre to another and yet, despite the cross genre music pieces, there is a definitive personality in all of his work.


A singer, songwriter, guitar player and programmer, Vipin arranges and produces his own music.


Its a little known fact, that a large part of his tunes used in commercials and features have been penned by Vipin himself.


His journey with music is one that meanders through the different landscapes of the music industry.


He lead an amateur band while pursuing his Bachelors Degree in  Economics Honours at Delhi University and soon joined what went on to became one of India’s biggest bands through the late 90’s and is still going strong, Parikrama.


After 6 years of touring with Parikrama, he did a short stint with the very popular hindi folk pop band “ Silk Route” (2001-2002) before hanging his performing boots for the studio.


Moving to Mumbai in 2005, he found the advertising segment to be the most fun and varied. Thats what keeps him busy for the most.


However, in the recent past, his work in a few feature and short films has been appreciated, and awarded.


The background score for a short film, Narmeen, got him the National Award for Best Music Direction in 2011.


In Vipin Mishras’ own words, “I always have, and shall remain a student and a discoverer. Constantly moving between writing independent music, to short format cross genre commercials, long term and intense involvement with feature films, to random jams and apparently non marketable short films and documentaries, I’m happy with this constantly changing and constantly exciting equation.”


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  • Wolfgang Schaufelberger wrote on February 14, 2017 at 8:32 //

    Dear Vipin, the Painted Sound came into my mind when I was walking through the Art Biennale in Kochi today. I remembered trekking with you from Manali to Barabangal some years ago and see you in South Delhi on my way home. If you are this person I send you my warmest regards
    with best memories If you are not this person, I apologize for bothering you. All the best, Wolfgang.

  • Vipin Mishra wrote on June 9, 2017 at 3:06 //

    Dear Wolf , as I remember addressing you. This is a pleasant surprise indeed. I very much remember that trek along with Vijay and Shyam Lal. Great to hear from you and hope that you’re doing well ? I’m now based in Mumbai and do send me a mail at mail@vipinmishra.com in case you ever happen to travel here.
    All the best.
    Regards – Vipin


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